Teen Group

“My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity.” Proverbs 3:1

Teen years are fun years yet they can be challenging for young people. Their minds and bodies are changing rapidly, and temptations abound.

At Ascension we try to remain engaged with our teens as much as possible. In addition to regular Sunday Bible Discussions, we work to schedule activities with them that will:

  • Provide fun and fellowship with other Christian teens (such as our annual conference Volleyball and Dodgeball Tournaments and Mall of America Scavengar Hunt)
  • Provide opportunities to serve
  • Do some fund raising to keep costs down for major activities


Each summer Ascension joins with other churches in the area to provide opportunities for teens to experience something big. This year Pastor Roloff and two teens took a bus with dozens of other Twin Cities youth, youth leaders, and pastors to the WELS International Youth Rally in Fort Collins, CO.  There we joined 2500 others from around the country in singing God's praise (led by the band Koine), growing in his Word through workshopes and small group Bible study, and just having fun (including magic shows, music, and white water rafting on the Poudre River!).  On our return trip we also stopped at Mt. Rushmore.  



Below are some of our personal highlights:

Pastor Roloff

Most Fun: White water rafting—specifically the moment Maria realized a wave was going to push her out of the raft, and she just decided to take me along for the ride/attempt to drown me in the icy rapids of the Cache la Poudre River. :)

Most Spiritually Encouraging: The worship with 2500 fellow believers each morning and small group devotions/discussions to close each day was so uplifting and refreshing.  The workshops spoke to topics that were immediately applicable to our contemporary lives (keeping youth connected to the church, the prevalence of pornography, how to respond to sexual minorities with grace and truth, etc.).

Kayla Bartsch

I really appreciated the #lovewins workshop which helped teach us how to best love and reach out to souls in the LGBT community. We are all God's wonderful creations, and we all sin and fall short of his glory. A phrase that stuck with me is "the solution to sin is a Savior, not a behavior."

The keynote speakers were magnificent, and it was especially moving to hear firsthand from missionaries who live in Pakistan, a country where 97% of its citizens follow Islam. Hearing of the hardships they face every day, of all the tragedies they have witnessed, of the constant danger they are surrounded by, it was such an inspiration to see that despite all of it they had hope instead of fear, gratitude instead of bitterness.


Most fun: I enjoyed the white water rafting and although Pastor Roloff and I fell in, it was fun to see the beautiful mountains and boulders in Colorado and be able to go across them!

Most spiritually Encouraging: The band Koine and the guest speakers (in particular Pastor Jared and the family from Pakistan) really encouraged my faith and how I should be open to sharing Jesus with others and especially as there are so many ways to do so.