*We recently found out that our Kid's Camp, like our preschoool, needs to meet all state licensure requirements.  Because this would involve a considerable overhaul of our program and personnel, we've unfortunately decided to cancel our Kid's Camp program for 2019 with the intention of resuming a summer child care program in 2020.* 

What is Kids’ Campus

Kids' Campus is a summer-long program that provides a safe, secure, entertaining and educational environment for school aged children, while nurturing faith in their Savior.  It is a program designed to assist parents who are not able to stay home with their children during the summer and are looking for a quality program for their children to attend during the day.  It's also perfect for the parents that just want some socialization and fun for their children during the summer. 


Who can attend? 
Children who are 4 through 10 years old by June 1, 2018, can attend Kids’ Campus.

What days/hours does Kids’ Campus operate?
Kids’ Campus is open from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.   

What do you mean summer-long? 
ids’ Campus will be open from Monday, June 11 through Friday, August 17, 2018. Kids' Campus will be closed July 4-6.

Can my kids attend multiple weeks? 
Yes!  In fact, Kids’ Campus is primarily designed for children to attend all summer long.  Therefore first priority will be given to children who are enrolled for at least 9 weeks, five days per week. However, you may also register your child for fewer than 5 days per week or for less than 9 weeks if you would like to.  Part-time and full-time registrations will be accepted beginning March 5.  Full-time registrations are given first priority through April 2.  After April 2 part-time registrations are processed on a space-available basis, in the order in which their registration was received and parents will be notified of their children's status.  Checks received along with part-time registrations will not be cashed until the child's enrollment is confirmed. In past years, we have been able to accommodate all part-time requests.

What will there be to do?
Kid's Campus is a structured program designed for the children's learning and entertainment.  Structured time includes a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, group games, cooking, music, Bible stories and more.  There are games, music, books, toys and other activities for children to participate in during free time. Additionally, there are "wet days" once a week, educational activities, and activities focused around a weekly theme.
Each week, we will either take a field trip to someplace fun or we will arrange a special on-site event. 

Are lunch and snacks provided? 
We will provide the afternoon snack. Parents will provide the morning snack and must pack a lunch for each child in an insulated pack. 

How much does Kids’ Campus Cost?
The rates for the 2018 Kids' Campus program will be $185 per week for full-time enrollment (9 or more weeks and 5 days per week).  The part-time rate is $45 per day.  A $50 per child, nonrefundable fee is required at the time of registration. A T-shirt for field trips will be provided at no additional cost. Kids' Campus is always a great value!

How is payment arranged? 
You will be invoiced for the following month based upon the calendar you submit.  Calendars for the following month will go out on the 20th of the month and when returned an invoice for that month will be provided.  The invoice must be paid by the 1st in order for your child to participate in the new month. 

What if we want to add days or weeks after a month begins? 
For part-time enrollees, parents may request and pay for additional days during the month. Additional days will be granted on a space-available basis. 

How do I sign up?
The form is located at the bottom of this page. Complete both pages and mail them to Ascension Lutheran Church along with a check for the $50 non-refundable registration fee for each child.

What should we expect then? 
Your registration form will be confirmed with an email upon receipt.  Within 3 weeks after registering, we will mail a packet to your home.  This packet will include more details on the program, a payment contract and other various forms.  Your children’s placement will be finalized once you review, complete and sign the forms and return them to Ascension. 

When does registration begin? 
Registration for Kids' Campus begins March 5.

Enroll your children early!

Forms for Kids' Campus

Parents Handbook 2019  (Responsible parent should familiarize self with contents)

Kids Campus Brochure 2019

Summer Schedule 2018    (2019 Schedule coming in Spring)

Please mail the completed forms below to the address on the registration form, along with the $50 non-refundable deposit.

Registration Form 2019

Calendar Selection 2019

Contents and Parent Contract 2019

Participant Information Form

'We'd like to Know' Form


Questions? Please contact