Exploring the Bible with Ascension

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and  training in righteousness,…”  2 Timothy 3:16

In addition to our regular worship service times, Ascension offers other opportunities for you to explore the bible with us and resources for personal bible study.

This includes:

Adult Bible Discussions

  • Sunday Morning Bible Class
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Discussion for Women
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study
  • Saturday Morning Bible Discussion for Men

Teen Bible Discussions

  • Sunday Morning 7th & 8th Grade Bible Discussion
  • Sunday Morning 9th-12th Grade Bible Discussion

 Bible Basics Classes

  • Scheduled on an "as needed" basis. Please contact Pastor Janisch for more information.

Personal Study

  • A list of personal bible study options is provided to help you find the personal study options that are right for you.

Ascension also offers a number of opportunities for Teaching Children.